'UBUNTU' is my motivation

Ubuntu is a term from the South African Zulu language and means something like "humanity" or "being human".

UBUNTU Portugal is a place in the heart of Portugal where people with a pioneering spirit and love for healthy, alternative lifestyles feel especially at home.

You can spend your vacation here, enjoy the scenery and just relax. Or, you fix the roof and help out in the garden. I am especially happy about energetic women!

Nature shows itself here in abundance. Enjoy the fruits and vegetables from organic farming, the grapes grow in the mouth... Dogs, cats and sheep are happy about your attention and the balanced, pleasant climate makes the heart vibrate.

Take an active vacation or just relax. Welcome!

Here you can feel at ease

The equipment is simple and individual. You will find Wi-Fi, a kitchen, a bidet, heating, a fireplace, an outdoor dining area, lots of animals, an unfenced property, free parking for guests,... Long-term stays are possible.

Typical Portuguese rooms for rent

It can be paid with Euro, with crypto, with barter, or with labor.
Prices and availability on request.

Tour of Ubuntu Land (May 2023)

Impressions from Ubuntu Land

What will the weather be like?

For vacationers, UBUNTU Portugal is a relaxing destination - also in terms of weather.

The climate here is pleasant at any time of the year. In summer you will enjoy the constant sun, in spring and autumn the mild warmth, in winter the gentle rain.